My punjabi Girl Friend – 3

The way she walked around in the office was indeed funny and people got suspicious and asked her, she told that her ankle got twisted but later she told me her pussy and ass was sore from the battering she got from me the other day.

It was almost a week that I didn’t fuck her, my cock was aching to be in her pussy and my lips aching to suck her pussy and boobs. It was Monday and our bosses were in head office , so I planned to use the situation to the full.On an excuse that I was looking for a book , I called her upstairs in our library which was situated in our MD’s room, which could be locked from inside and was also kinda sound proof. 

She being the library in charge came up to the library unaware of my plans.That day she was dressed in Red with black spots salwar kameez which was a bit deep cut , which showed off her cleavage, which she hid with her chunni. Her lips were red and her nails silver. She woreslippers on her feet along with payals and lot of bangles in her arms. 

As soon as she came in the room, I immediately locked it from inside and grabbed and pushed her against the wall. She looked at me in horror in her eyes ‘Kya kar rahe ho” she gasped out. Without replying her my mouth clamped against her lips and started kissing her. I tried to pry open her lips so that I can shove in my tongue , she resisted but couldn’t do much as her arms were pinned against the wall with mine. 

She finally gave in and opened her cherry red lips as I shoved in my tongue, she also did the same and I sucked on her tongue. Finally I let go off her arms as kept on kissing her, my arm now caressed her neck , while the other arm caressed her boobs above her kameez. After much kissing my mouth shifted to her neck, licking it, giving light bites on her ear lobes while inhaling her scent.

 Then I knelt before her while she was still standing , and pushed up her kameez to expose her bare belly to me, I kissed lightly on her belly button , licking around her waist, hands were behind my head caressing it and taking in whisper “Koi aa jaiga , chor do” , I replied while still kissing and biting her slender waist “don’t worry , door andar se lock hai” . I raised my self and grabbed her chunni and threw it away, her cleavage was so delicious to look at, I dived myself in her cleavage and started to put wet kisses all over it, her breath was getting heavier and more laborious as her hands were still behind my head. I grabbed the kameez from her shoulder and pulled it down along with her bra straps. Her juicy and now erect boobs were exposed and at my mercy now. I clamped my mouth on her left boob and sucked hard , while my hands were caressing the other one. She moaned loudly at my action as I felt her nails tighten on my hairs.

 She moaned louder as I sucked harder and bit her nipples lightly.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. After ravishing her left boob, now I concentrated on her right one and gave it the same treatment. After I left her boobs, they were totally wet and erect and reddish with my attacks.

My mouth again went to her lips kissing her full on her mouth, while my hands were busy untying the strings of her pyjama. She now was taken aback by my intentions and grabbed my hands from untying it but I shoved off her hands and succeeded in releasing the strings and her pyjama just collapsed around her ankles.She was now standing before me with her kameez hitched up and pyjama aroundon the floor.

 I again knelt down before her and pulled down her black panty and it also had the same fate as the pyjama. I inhaled the aroma from her pussy and felt it with my hand, it was all wet and dripping from the foreplay. I slipped off her left slipper and slid the pyjama and panty through it, now it was around her right ankle and herleft ankle was now free. I again inhaled the aroma from her dripping pussy, it was musky and pungent.

I placed my right hand over the mound, and looked up. Neeru was pressing against the wall with her eyes closed. I dipped my middle finger in her pussy and she gasped, it was so wet and warm inside, taking out my finger from her pussy I licked it clean.Now I lifted her left leg and placed it on my shoulder as I was still kneeling before her. Her sole of her feet was now rested on my right shoulder, she tried for a last time “Pls mat karo, koi dekh lega” but didn’t not remove her feet from my shoulder, her slim payal was rubbing against my ear.I did not reply to her but stuck out my tongue and parted her bush with my right hand and flicked her pussy, her whole body spas med, now I held on to her waist and clamped my mouth over her pussy lips. Dove in my tongue deep in her pussy and flicked her clit .

 I was now fucking her pussy with my tongue. She clamped her hands behind my head pulling me deeper as I could hear her moans. I was lucky that the room was sound proof or anyone could have heard her moans. I was now plundering her pussy with my mouth and tongue , sucking her pussy and licking it hard. She gasped and writhed with each long lick of mine. It was hard to keep her steady , she also cooperated and didn’t let her feet slip from my shoulder. But I could feel her toes curl and uncurl against my shoulder as her payals rubbed against my ear. Soon she had a massive orgasm and her whole body convulsed as she came all over my face. It was then I got up and looked at her, she was still recovering from the wave as her boobs heaved with her breath and she was still panting and moaning.

 I guided her to the MD’s table and made her sit on it. Her slippers had long left her feet as I took both of her legs on my shoulder with her ankles resting on it. I positioned my hard cock on her already dripping pussy and slid it in with ease, I pulled back a bit and pushed it in again and it was buried till the hilt in her eager and wet cunt. She held on to the table with her hands as I began the rhythm . I pulled back till the tip of my cock and pushed it in hard again. She now moaned louder with each stroke of mine. She also pushed back her hips to match with my strokes. I held on to her thighs to steady her and myself as I was standing. I bent over few times to suck her bobbing boobs and flick at her nipples. She tried to grab my head each time I went near her nipples but I slipped back and kept up my tempo. 

Her toes curled and her payals rubbing on my shoulder was very erotic. I took her left foot in my hand and sucked her toes and finger before playing with her payals. She was enjoying all that with her eyes closed and her head moving from side to side and moans ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh oh oh I increased my speed as we didn’t have much time , we had to get back before my colleagues became suspicious , so I started to hammer jack her with break neck speed. The table also rammed against the wall with my force and items on the table began to fall off . she had her second orgasm and as she grabbed the table and arched her back with a loud moan..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as her mangalsutra swayed from one boob to the other with the rythemI could feel myself getting over the edge, so I started to bang her mercilessly, and after a last few strokes keep my cock embedded deep in her as I gushed out my cum in liters in her un protected pussy. 

She also shivered at the intensity and fell back on the table as I released her legs from my shoulder and fell back on a chair. I could now see her lying on the table with her legs dangling and my fresh cum oozed from her pussy onto the table.It took few moments for both of us to regain our breath and then we got up and dressed and left the room, I kissed her deep before we left as she rushed into the toilet to re apply her make up.We had gone for 30 minutes, so no one noticed. She was so scared that anyone could have found out but I told her to relax and asked whether she enjoyed or not, she just smiled, I told her “baad me phir se karenge” . she was shocked at my remarks but nodded after some time.
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